A very warm welcome to the Intercultural Cities UK Website


The iCoCo Foundation is raising the profile of the Intercultural Cities Programme in the UK

The ICC UK network is supported with funding from the Council of Europe.  We are directly linked to the ICC Programme run by the Council of Europe , complementing the international programme through creating a supportive network in the UK, bringing together cities, professionals, organisations and institutions to share ideas, learn from one another and become advocates of the Intercultural Cities Programme.

There are 130 cities around the world in membership of the ICC Network and we are delighted to welcome our new UK members : Manchester, Leeds, Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford, who will be joining two existing local authority members, Lewisham and Swansea. All UK members will be contributing their expertise to the Network, as well as learning from it, and developing even better policy and practice.

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