About Us

Our aims: 

1. Raise awareness of the intercultural integration approach among UK local authorities and encourage them to join the Intercultural Cities Programme.
2. Promote awareness of the Intercultural Cities concept amongst other UK stakeholders such as professionals, NGOs, media outlets and universities, bringing them together to build a network in which we will all share ideas, work together and learn from each other.
3. Build an ICC national network where ICC member cities in the UK can share methodologies, tools and good practice on a national level.

How we work:

We will achieve these aims through holding bilateral meetings with interested parties, network information events, training and small discussion events on the Intercultural Cities concept and keeping relevant network supporters up-to-date on the most recent information coming out of the Council of Europe and the ICC Programme.

Current ICC UK Member Cities:

Six UK councils are now members of the ICC Network. They include: London borough of Lewisham, Swansea Council, Manchester City Council, Bradford City Council, Kirklees Council and Calderdale Council.